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February 03, 2006

The Muhammad Cartoons

There is a blog burst going on about the Muhammad Cartoons but I have a bit of a different take than the main thread.

I completely agree that the cartoonists should be able to do what they are doing and would even support their right to mock my faith. My difference though is that I think it is morally wrong to mock someone's faith like that. How many of us Christians have been offended by people who mock our faith? Of course the difference is that there are threats on the life of the people drawing the Muslim based cartoons. That is hugely wrong and those people are terrorists and should be treated as such. There is nothing wrong with being offended or protesting but to threaten someone is disgusting.

I'm all about supporting Denmark and the right to be offensive but I don't support the actual cartoons. How would us Christians respond to a cartoon depicting Jesus blowing up an abortion clinic? Yes, the target of the cartoon would be the extremists but it paints with a broad brush stroke. What purpose is there in mocking other faiths? For us Christians, how should we behave?

UPDATE: Reeza at TenNapel makes some good points. Hat tip to Hugh.

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Posted by Tim at February 3, 2006 10:50 AM