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A Bit of What Heaven Might Be Like

July 31st, 2005 · 3 Comments

We’ve started attending another church closer to home for reasons such as our kids being in a group where the kids are more local. Just a note, our primary church still remains (and will remain) NCCC but we’ll be doing some double duty. During the service this morning I was reminded of a time long ago. I don’t know why God brought this to my mind as I dwelt on it thoughout the service but here it is.

When I was a pre-teen (11-12) my parents decided to switch churches because the church we were going to was pastored by a man who really didn’t seem to be a Christian. The new church was a Baptist church. The thing that got me thinking about my old church was the first song played during the service today. I’d never heard it but thought back to the old Baptist church were the first song was always “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name”. You could always count on it and I now had a longing for a different time and place. I then started thinking about some of the folks at the service. Harry, a towering man, leading the congregation in the singing. The pastor, Harold, and his associate, Doug, on the side bench. The organist, Sue, just powering through the song. The choir (with two 6′ 8″ guys in the back) in their 70’s colored robes (they actually still looked good into the 80’s), led by Amanda. This is the church where I first heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where I responded to this good news and was baptized.

As I thought of this point in time I had to keep from breaking into tears through the whole service today. Some of the folks had such a great impact on my life. This was a slice of what heaven will be like; people who love Jesus, gathered around singing “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name”. Some of the folks mentioned above have already began gathering and are waiting for the rest of us. I can’t wait until the folks from this small church, from that point in time, can sing it one more time. My longing will be fulfilled.

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  • 1 John Gillmartin // Jul 31, 2005 at 11:06 pm

    Sweet and deep as it should be! Wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  • 2 Lyn Perry // Aug 1, 2005 at 6:37 am

    Thanks for remembering my mom, Amanda. We were in her choir together and I have those same memories. “The Church Founded on the Rock of Ages at the Gilbralter of the Pacific.” Lyn

  • 3 The Sheep's Crib // Aug 1, 2005 at 8:47 am

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