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Duke In Iraq – Soul Scrape

February 11th, 2007 · No Comments

Another amazing post from Duke:

TFTC February 11

There is a certain purity in ignorance. Often when faced with a problem if all we know is the problem then our concentration is focused on the problem and solving the problem. The more extraneous details we are given, the more complicated and confusing a given situation may become. I have thought of this principle a lot as I see the surgeons operating on patients. The patients they operate on come in a variety of types. There is the wounded American member of the armed forces, typically, Army soldier or Marine, innocent civilian, adult or child injured as a bystander or involved in a non combat injury such as a motor vehicle accident, coalition forces, civilian contactors, Iraqi armed forces, or terrorists, which may be Iraqi, Iranian, Syrian, or another nationality trying to further destabilize the region. The OR is set up to have two operations going on in the same room and at times it has had an armed forces on one of the tables and a terrorist on the other. You can imagine how hard this can be for a surgeon and the staff who have been up all night, wondering; they are away from their family, missing anniversaries, birthday

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