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Sarah Palin’s Record On Economics

November 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Palin the Fiscal Conservative Reformer.

It’s not that Palin isn’t a social conservative (she is), but as governor, her social positions did not define her. It is very obvious that the media has sought to define her as a social conservative, in an effort to pigeon-hole her — and to diminish her reputation. What is more, aside from all-but calling her a religious fanatic, the media has sought to portray her as a Mike Huckabee-esqu populist.

In fact, Palin’s pre-Veep identity was as a leading reformer and fiscal conservative … a starkly different image than most Americans are now aware of.

The media has done a good job of making a caricature of who Sarah Palin is but it is important to look at her record as a governor.  What is seen is someone who is truly an economic reformer.  This is also the fault of the McCain campaign handlers; they should have let her take the lead on economic issues and energy.  Governor Palin needs to now just put her head down and keep doing a great job in Alaska.  There is nothing like a real record of accomplishment to make a point.

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  • 1 Deo // Nov 15, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Sarah isn´t going back to Wasilla, would you?
    This is a jailbreak, she´s freeeee……..
    You are certainly looking at her record through rose colored glasses.