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Reaction to Pujols

December 8th, 2011 · No Comments

I guess I’m still in shock with Albert Pujols signing with the Angels. I really can’t believe he left the greatest baseball city where he was going to go down as the all-time Cardinal. Statues, constant adoration, legendary status; those are gone. Now, he starts over with the Angels. He’d better keep producing because he doesn’t have any good will in the bank with Angels’ fans.

Other than a huge paycheck it does help Pujols that he’s going to a team with the DH. He’s becoming slightly injury prone and that can give him a break and maybe keep him productive for a longer time. However, I got a feeling that after about 4 years his contract will be an unbearable for the Angels. I wish the best for Pujols but, even more, a great replacement for the Cardinals.

As a Dodger fan and despite the ownership situation, I beg them to sign Prince Fielder. Younger sluggers aren’t free agents that often. I know if Magic was in charge it would not even be a question.

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