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Romney for President

November 5th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I am writing to voice my support for Mitt Romney for President of the United States.  I have many reasons and I will use the rest of this post to talk about my support for Governor Romney and why President Obama needs to be replaced:

  • Religious Freedom – as a religious minority Governor Romney understands what is at stake.  When Obamacare began being implemented and the HHS is mandating that all universities and employers must provide insurance that covers items against their beliefs, that made it very personal.  I am not Catholic or against birth control but people being forced by the government to violate their conscience is Un-American.  The rapid disregard for religious freedom is shocking.
  • We are facing many economic issues and Governor Romney has a proven track record as a businessman and public servant.  President Obama  entered office with the smallest resume in our history.  He has not proven he knows what he is doing.  His response to our economic issues is more government and playing corporate favorites.  His green energy and auto industry choices are a strong indication of these tendencies.  He favored unions and heavy donors over investing in true infrastructure changes that could have made the stimulus really work.  We are experiencing very slow growth and employment because Obama has zero idea how a free economy works.  Mitt Romney understands and will point us towards an economy based on reality and not just the government.
  • The number of people on disability and food stamps is a national disgrace.  This just gets people permanently on government assistance.  Economic success needs to be defined as moving people from dependency to jobs.  There needs to be a safety net but it seems the last four years has not done anything to stop it.
  • In the handling of terrorism President Obama had had some success.  Getting Obama and more of Al Qaeda’s leadership has been great.  However, when people rose up in Iran in 2009 Obama ignored them.  It seems that Obama uses a few victories to claim that terrorism is not much of a threat.  I believe these victories controlled the reaction to Benghazi (see below).  It is a dangerous world and Governor Romney understands this.
  • Benghazi, Libya – clearly the President and his cabinet did not head the call for help from Ambassador Stevens or the calls from our brave men defending the annex.  Those people were left to die.  Either this is a very incompetent administration or someone needs to go to jail.
  • Tax simplification – Mitt Romney will get us closer to a simpler tax system like was passed in 1986.  This will help with economic growth.  Obama has resorted to divisive class warfare.  We cannot tax our way out of these problems, we must grow our way out of them.
  • Hope and Change – In 2008 President Obama promised us a new era of politics.  Instead he as not shown any leadership in terms of bringing us together or working with his opponents.  He speaks of enemies and revenge.  Bob Woodward’s book covered how Obama really didn’t work well with Congress.  There was an agreement in place but Obama decided to go for raising taxes and the deal was broken.  Now we have sequestration coming.  Governor Romney has years of leadership and has a bipartisan history when he was governor of Massachusetts.

We’ve had four years of poor leadership, passing the buck and slow economic growth.  I began supporting Mitt Romney during the first primary debate.  In hindsight he would have been the right president instead of Obama as Romney understands economics.  Now, we need to make the change and get the economy growing and begin dismantling and redoing Obamacare to get our country moving in the right direction.

Thanks for reading through the ramblings.  God Bless America!

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  • 1 sue // Nov 5, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    Incompetent administration needs to go to jail.